Bespoke Blinds For Offices

VBC Premier Blinds offer top quality blinds for businesses of all types, including corporate premises and office buildings. The type of office blinds you require all depends on the size of your window, the style of your room, exposure to sunlight and other varying conditions. So, it is important for us to create bespoke office blinds which are best tailored to your building and visual requirements. If you're looking for office blinds for large rooms and windows, vertical blinds may be a convenient choice, whereas if you have a smaller office which is visited more regularly by clients, you may opt for a stylish roller blind. Whatever you're looking for, we can help provide a practical and sophisticated solution.

We offer an extensive range of office blinds styles, including office roller blinds, office venetian blinds, blackout blinds for offices, skylight office blinds, office roman blinds and so many more. Our office blinds are available in a wide variety of colours, shades and finishes so that you can find something that perfectly complements the style and décor of your existing office environment.

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Office Roller Blinds

Roller blinds make great office blinds, due to their versatility and the wide range of styles, patterns and colours available. Ideal for smaller offices, roller blinds can be fitted quickly by our Lincolnshire blinds specialists and are good for helping with insulation. Their thicker material helps to block sunlight during the summer and keep out the cold in the winter, making that small difference to help with the heating bill.

If clients are regularly invited to your office, then appearances are everything. You want to give the best impression of your business, so add some sophistication to your office with our sleek office roller blinds. Block colour roller blinds offer a sleek look, whereas patterned blinds offer a stylish and friendly feel. We offer various office roller blinds styles, including our perfect fit roller blinds, blackout roller blinds, cassette roller blinds or even motorised office blinds for ultimate convenience.

Vertical Office Blinds

For a practical solution to wide window space or large offices, vertical office blinds are a popular choice. Our vertical blinds offer a sleek and smart look, ideal for corporate and sophisticated office buildings, maintaining a professional appearance. Vertical blinds offer fantastic light control and are incredibly easy to operate, allowing workers to adapt to their preferences with minimal disruption.

We offer vertical office blinds in a wide range of colours, shades and materials, so you can find something to best suit the décor of your office. Why not choose a classy dark grey? Or, go for a simple white vertical blind to keep costs low. Whatever your businesses budget, we can create custom office blinds to fit within your desired spending bracket.


Blinds For Home Offices

More people are working from home than ever before and that’s not set to change any time soon. Working from home during the pandemic has led many businesses to realise that working from a communal office is a thing of the past. Employees have noted advantages such as increased productivity, better work-life balance, and decreased expenditure when they work from home. If you are working from home more, it's important to ensure that you have an appropriate working environment which allows you to work to the best of your ability. That means, a sturdy desk, good Wi-Fi connection, necessary equipment, and high-quality home office blinds.

Home office blinds aren't just an added decoration, they help with light control and temperature regulation so that you can work in comfort. As human beings, we need access to light, but nobody wants the sun glaring in their eyes whilst they're trying to look at their laptops. Get great light control with any of our fantastic home office blinds options, including our office vision blinds, office roller blinds or vertical blinds. We offer a wide range of colours, styles, materials, and patterns so that you can find something that complements your room.

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Discover Office Blinds In Oakham and Lincolnshire

VBC Premier Blinds offer bespoke office blinds, tailored to your practical and style requirements. Our office blinds specialists can visit your home or business for a consultation, measuring up your window space and making our recommendations. This way, we can ensure that our made to measure office blinds are perfectly fitted to your window space and suited to your décor.

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